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Services Offered
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Telemedicine
Insurance Policy
Patients are responsible for service rendered. We do supply invoices to remit to insurance companies for reimbursement.

We are committed to making treatment accessible to everyone.

Our pricing is purposefully kept low to allow for anyone, regardless of economic background, to get the treatment they deserve. Our practice is partially supported by our Clinical Research practice. 

Our practice utilizes psychological principles to encourage the understanding of thinking and behaviors, and Gulfcoast Psychiatric Associates can offer insight and tools to control and/or change ones thinking and behavior.

We can point you in the direction of help in many different forms, and our Clinical Trials can address treatment-resistent depression, so please reach out today.

New Patients.

Free Tele-Consult

We understand that often your mental health goes ignored or completely neglected because of the social stigma associated with mental illness. We understand that and have adapted our practice  to take the risk out of initial screening and diagnosis.

Our Model of Care.

We drive research.

We are committed to keeping treatment accessible to everyone, despite economic need. We do not accept insurance, but our practice is partially funded through clinical research. This means lower than average rates and access to cutting edge treatment. This is a win-win.

For Those Without Insurance.

Treatment vs. Cure

Poor insurance coverage for MI is largely a reflection of how our culture approaches mental health. Insurance companies look at patients as either sick or healthy. We look at patient care as more preventative over the long term, and our treatment plans don’t always include regularly seeing a doctor.

The biggest enemy of your mental health is TIME. Reach out today (239) 549-5224.

Gulfcoast Psychiatric Associates aims to provide accessible high quality medical care and education to Southwest Florida, to support healthcare professionals improve quality of life of people living with psychiatric or neurological disorders through up-to-date disease understanding, and clinical research leading to optimized care.

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