We offer the most comprehensive Psychiatric Services in Fort Myers, FL. We are affordable, accountable and flexible with your schedule.

Gulfcoast Psychiatric Associates offers mental health services in Fort Myers, FL including mental health treatment, psychotherapy, and medication management services to adults in a compassionate and safe environment, with a focus on promoting hope, resiliency, and recovery.

Psychiatric services at Gulfcoast Psychiatric Associates are comprehensive and include an in-depth assessment of psychiatric, developmental, and biological factors that contribute to an individual’s psychological distress. Dr. Zaheer Aslam’s approach is eclectic and pragmatic, integrating different treatment modalities including individual and careful psychopharmacological intervention. For those individuals who require individual therapy, Dr. Zaheer Aslam and the patient collaborate on the frequency of “talk” therapy. Most individual’s “talk” therapy sessions are 50 minutes in duration.

Medication and Psychotherapy Combined

Psychiatric services in Fort Myers have evolved over the years to include many different options for treatment. Medication and psychotherapy are now commonly used together to help patients achieve the best possible outcome. In some cases, patients may receive therapy from one provider and medication from another. Dr. Rachal works closely with other providers to ensure that all aspects of treatment are coordinated and cohesive.

Fort Myers Mental Health Services

Gulfcoast Psychiatric Associates offers individualized mental health treatment in Fort Myers, Florida. Our mental health professionals specialize in treating a variety of psychiatric conditions including:

Fort Myers Mental Health Services | Gulfcoast Psychiatric Associates

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